After a couple of days of rainy gray, blue skies today. Looking at a cloudless blue sky is like gazing off a seashore with nothing in the distance. Featureless, there’s no mystery there, nothing to stir the imagination. I need something out there, like seeing Martha’s Vineyard from Cape Cod. In the sky, I need clouds.
Someone said that here in flat Florida clouds are our mountains, and I understand that. I never see actual “things” in clouds. No circus elephant, no ’57 Chevy. Clouds are of themselves, much too grand to be reduced to anything less, at least in my eyes. When I take photographs which include sky, I need the eye relief of clouds, any clouds, white and friendly, dark and ominous, it doesn’t matter. I think sometime a passing stranger out in space might glance towards our island home and think, idly, that the living creatures on our blue marble are the clouds. And maybe they are.
Long ago the great photographer Alfred Stieglitz did a series of cloud photos:

2 responses to “Clouds

  • Mrs. Chili

    This is a beautiful piece of writing. Sparse, succinct, yet full and rich. I might boost it for a lesson in my writing class…

  • Laurie B

    Your photos are more often more modern but you have dome some amazing cloud photos. Regardless of topic, almost every one of your photos either tells a story or allows me to create one of my own choosing. Thanks.

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