The Lazy Blogger

I guess, since I just fired up this new blog, that I should be more diligent about posting, and I plan to be. The past few days have had several time demands. I know, it takes only a few moments to say something, but I am used to posting a picture, or video, or both, and that requires more planning than a few jotted notes.

So, here’s a video. The Last Town Chorus is basically Megan Hickey. She is a bit unique (I know “a bit unique” is a bit of mangled syntax–since something is unique or it’s not–you can’t be a little bit pregnant) among singer/songwriters in that her instrument of choice is the lap steel guitar (an instrument famously used by David Lindley while accompanying Jackson Browne). (The video I posted a few days ago also had that quirk, since Ben Sollee performs his songs while playing cello).


2 responses to “The Lazy Blogger

  • Mrs. Chili

    I know what you mean about the time. I keep composing posts in my head, but never seem to have the time to sit down to put them on my blog. At least, not with the attention I’d like to give to them…

    I’m going to promote your new digs tomorrow. With luck, that’ll bring more readers.

  • Laurie B

    Thanks, Gerry.

    I love the sound of slide steel, not many singers that I know of use it nowadays. Ms. Meganm does but I’m rather distracted by her obvious need of a shampoo and a haircut. I know, the inner mom saying “get that hair out of your eyes”.

    I grew up with Mom playing zither and autoharp, guess that makes me unique in a sort of way too. Love that fine and twangy folk music.

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