Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Bowfishing in America.

So, as anyone who followed my prior blog will know, I have a tendency to take myself, and others, too seriously. I’m here today to make a repair in that regard. This is directed specifically at someone I was especially hard on. I hope that someone figures out who he is, assuming he reads this post. Some might consider the “art” work in this post to be NSFW. Here’s my view. Since the scene(s) depicted were in a public place, I can’t imagine the person in the pics would find them NSFW.

A personal reflection on bow fishing. When I was a lad, in the next few years after my father died, I had good relationship with one of my mother’s brothers (who has since passed away). He was pretty outdoorsy. He trapped muskrats. He ran trotlines. He bowfished. I’d go out with him and he’d stare intently at the water, and, sometimes, fire off an arrow. As intently as I watched, I never, ever, saw what he shot at. But still, sometimes, he managed to impale a fish and bring it it. I’ve never forgotten that. Some people see things I don’t see, and maybe I see some things others’ don’t.

Update: how’s this for relevance. Article about a carp jumping out of the water and hitting a bow-fishing woman in the chops!

(The above is pretty nearly wordless–for me!)

Anterior view:

Posterior view:


7 responses to “Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Bowfishing in America.

  • Laurie B

    I don’t get it either. I KNOW that I am smarter than almost every fish.

    The question remains, why should I have to prove it other than catching the damned fish and buy everybody some beer?

    OK, I’m ‘scared of the babe in the bimbo suit. I wouldn’t get on a boat wih that person. Gilligan might, but I won’t. Is she really smarter than a fish or is she just faking that?

  • Mrs. Chili

    I never really understood the appeal of fishing. Mr. Chili’s hypothesis is that it’s the universal excuse for men to get away from their wives, but I’m not sure that’s the main reason. My thinking is that it’s a way for many men (who wouldn’t be caught dead in a yoga class) to have an excuse for being still and quiet and just BE. I could be wrong, though, never having fished myself…

  • gerryrosser

    I’ve heard that some men go fishing and just throw their line in the water without bait, and just enjoy the quiet. Maybe with beer, which is a known catalyst for deep meditation.

  • nhfalcon

    I never tried bowfishing, or bowhunting, for that matter. I tried hunting for deer with a rifle when I was in high school, but never even saw one, much less fired at one.

    I do have some experience with a bow, though. A mutual friend of Mrs. Chili’s and mine, Bowyer, used to make his own medieval-style English longbows, and I like to think I held my own when we would have target competitions with a bunch of other friends.

    Should I assume, at the risk of appearing narcissistic, that this olive branch is being offered to me? If it is, it is gratefully accepted. We’re obviously of different minds on many subjects, but I’ve never lost my respect for your abilities as a writer, a thinker, and a photographer. You’re welcome at the Eyrie any time.

    A word to the wise, though – I’m still pretty political over there. Let’s just both remember to take deep breaths and count to ten before we start replying to each other, ok? 🙂

  • gerryrosser

    No, it’s not narcissism, you were the intended beneficiary of my post.

  • Mrs. Chili

    Heh; the article you linked made me laugh. I had never heard of jumping carp before; I can see how trying to shoot them out of the air would appeal to some people…

  • Laurie B

    I tend enjoy the stories of generally men folk that live capture catfish. Looks like great fun but I do wonder, “Why”?

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