Nothing to do with dinosaurs.

Back side of T-Rex, Downtown Disney, Orlando.

1. We had an Easter egg hunt today in our community park for Babycakes and a few of her friends. My Honey and I did the hiding (reminding each other of the really bad joke about old folks: they can hide their own Easter eggs). The kids enjoyed it and so did the moms, I think. It was plastic eggs each with candy inside, or cute little erasers which are apparently a thing with kids. One mom brought a cute cupcake cake.

2. The four of us are leaving in the morning for Las Vegas. My Honey has people there, and they are now part of my extended family as well. The trip is primarily to see her uncle who is about 88 years old. He’s a wonderful guy, retired for years now from the hotel business in Las Vegas. He’s a bit ill, and we are hoping he perks up.

3. As a family we’ve decided that the dog, Lokee, has to go. The breeder has kindly agreed to accept him back. I think he’ll have more room out in the country where they live (out by Astatula).

4. I see the spin machine at the Vatican has decided that the furor and criticism over Catholic priests sexually abusing children in their care bears a resemblance to the persecution of the Jews over the years. Hmmm. The only thing Jewish which comes to mind about it is the word “chutzpah.” I have absolutely no use for anyone who would hurt a child in any way (and that includes the Boy Scouts who are currently being sued over a child sexual abuse scandal. Their “Perv Files” came out, and it isn’t a pretty sight. And these creeps have the nerve to be anti-gay.

5. We had a light meal of sashimi at Amura tonight. We really like it there. When we are alone, as tonight, we eat at the bar. The bartenders are nice, they know us, and treat us well (as we do them).

6. I’ll post what I can with my phone.

Off to the tables!


3 responses to “Nothing to do with dinosaurs.

  • nhfalcon

    I’m confused by the pic. Is T-Rex the name of the ride or the display or the park or whatever?

    I ask because the dinosaur in the pic is a Parasaurolophus.

    Yes, I’m a geek. 🙂

  • Mrs. Chili

    Mr. Chili says “play a round of black jack for me (double-down on eleven)!”

    You made me laugh out loud two times in this post (old people and Easter eggs and “chutzpah”). I love you.

  • gerryrosser

    T-Rex is a restaurant, in Downtown Disney Orlando, much along the lines of Rain Forest, and run by the same people, I think. This little guy is around back.

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