Home from Las Vegas

A fine establishment on the Strip.

You’ve got your mega-hotel side of the Strip, and you’ve got your more juke-joint side of the Strip. Sadly, some snazzy joints are taking over the seedy side (like the Wynn, Venetian, etc.). Still, there are a few short blocks of fun. The above joint is across the Strip from the new mega-mega joint called City Center (photos some other time).

I gotta say, I fully agree with the sentiment expressed on the front of this store.

Vegas is hurting to some extent. Fewer visitors. Less money. It was pretty quiet when we were there. Unfortunately, some places have obviously used the economic downturn to reduce services and become, well, less classy. I don’t feel like ranting about any one place or thing, but it ain’t the same.

We went to see Lion King, and it was stunning. Worth every penny. Seeing Babycakes’s face during it was worth the price of admission all by itself. We also went to see Mystere. It was the first Cirque du Soleil production I ever saw, and I still think it’s wonderful. Babycakes had the same look on her face watching this one. She later said she could go to these shows every day. Lion King in the mornings, and Mystere in the afternoons. Oh, Wayne Gretzky sat a few seats down from us in our row at Mystere.

We went out to Red Rock Canyone to look around a bit, and I drove alone to Hoover Dam, and up along Lake Mead. The water is really low. Incredibly low. It may never recover. I posted a pic I took at Hoover Dam on my Flickr page today, if anyone’s interested. The water level is at 1100, and if it drops to 1025, their will be no electrical generation at Hoover Dam.

More pics later.


2 responses to “Home from Las Vegas

  • Mrs. Chili

    I couldn’t care less about Wayne Gretsky (and probably wouldn’t recognize him if he sat next to me). What I want to know is did you see the boys? For me, they were worth the price of the Mystere ticket.

    Welcome home! Now I’m off to your Flickr

  • gerryrosser

    By “the boys” do you mean the two muscle guys? They are good, but not my favorite part of the show. I think I like the tumblers best, but I change from day to day, I really also like the bungee people.

    Mostly I like the whole thing, the music, the atmosphere, the whole gestalt.

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