City Center, Las Vegas

There is a colossal new development in Las Vegas, between the Monte Carlo and Bellagio hotels. I found it well nigh impossible to get a shot showing all of its buildings. I’m including a few pics here, but you can also see some professional views of the place, showing the layout and such here. There is, of course, a casino. There is a shopping mall (expensive stores), hotel(s), condos, and I don’t know what all. Some of the buildings are unfinished on the inside, and I have no idea how condo sales have gone in this economy. There were financial woes during construction, and I understand it had a good chance of never getting finished. There was Dubai money involved (and they’ve had their financial woes). I wonder if part of the problem with City Center, at least for the Dubai interests, was not understanding that the workers actually had to be paid, and paid well (unlike the slave labor in Dubai).

The image above shows most of the buildings in City Center. The two black/gray buildings in the right background are not part of it, I don’t think. The entry drive is just short of the low metallic building to the right, which is the shopping mall. It wraps around the two yellow leaning buildings, which, I think, are incomplete. The Mandarin hotel, to the left, is not open yet.

The second picture is from the opposite viewpoint.

The casino/hotel entrance is under the pointy thing in the middle. The drive to the street is to the right on the near side of the yellow building. You can see the mall structure in the lower middle.

We enjoyed a sandwich in a joint in the casino, a bakery/deli sort of thing. The cakes on display were fabulous. I do not know if that bakery is related to the one in Bellagio. I’ll post more specific photos in later posts, with my inimitable style. My post today on Flickr shows a large art work out back, comprised primarily of canoes. Actually, I have another view of the canoe structure, here it is:


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