Shameless Preening (not even blushing)

I entered some photos in the Lake County Fair, for the third year in a row. I got two blue (first place) ribbons and one white (third place) ribbon. Below are the the two first place winners. The third place pic is not shown due to subject matter I don’t put on my blog.

This is the Atlantis ride at SeaWorld Orlando, right next to the mighty Kraken.

This is a green turaco, seen at Busch Gardens, Tampa.

Anyone who reads my blog(s) or looks at my Flickr page will know how much I enjoy photography. I seldom go anywhere without my camera. I have a secret desire to upgrade my iPhone from 3G to 3Gs in order to have a better camera phone. I do avail myself of several apps which help improve the quality of my phone shots, but the fixed-focus, poor lens, mini-megapixel camera in the 3G is only going to produce what it does.

iPhone 3G photo of New York, New York in Las Vegas.


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