Evils of Photography Redux

Yesterday, we (our little family) were out and about, and had a few minutes to spare before arriving at our first destination, so I (not driving) asked to stop so I could take pictures here and there. I spotted the black and white motif on this business, and we pulled over. Exactly what I wanted to make of it, I’m not sure. I think maybe I wanted to square up to the front of the building, and shoot the black and white area against the sky. The gate was open so I walked in.

A lady came out and demanded to know what I was doing. I said very sweetly that I thought the black and white pattern was attractive, and wanted to photograph it for no reason other than my own pleasure. She said the owner wasn’ t there, and they weren’t open, so I should leave. I didn’t argue, I just stepped out the gate, onto the public street, and shot this pic (mostly to make this blog post). I really don’t have much to add. We live in a paranoid/selfish sort of society to a great extent. What can I say?

We drove down to Universal Orlando, mostly to renew/purchase our annual passes (they were running a special). We had a fun lunch at Bubba Gump in Universal City Walk (they ask you Forrest Gump trivia questions at the table, and provide good and cheerful service, and the food was tasty). We then went to the automated kiosk to retrieve our tickets (which we had arranged for by telephone). Saved a good bit over last year’s price.

It was rainy, so we didn’t really tour the place (where we’ve been many times). The ladies went into the shops just inside the entry to Islands of Adventure, and I scarpered off hoping for some pix of the Harry Potter feature.

The Harry Potter thing is partially open, but part of the view is still blocked by a construction fence, so I did what I could:

Since it was a gloomy day, and the subject matter seems to lend itself to a gloomy treatment, that’s what I did. This pic is actually 3 exposures, so it is an HDR (High Dynamic Range) image.

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