Ten Things Tuesday

Universal Studios Orlando, Islands of Adventure

1. Visitors.  My Honey’s son and his wife and children are visiting here in our town. They came to our house last night, and then we all trooped over to Daughter’s house where they are lodging during their stay. It was a great joy to have them here. My Honey had made a brisket, and we enjoyed a nice dinner. I have discussed the family ins and outs in the past, in my prior blog, so I’ll just say now that the new closeness is wonderful. They had never seen our house, so we had fun with the “nickel” tour.

2.  Babycakes was really excited to see her cousins (and they to see her). Much excitement when we arrived over there. We hung around for a while, then came home. It is really nice for the family to be together.

3. They all (except Babycakes) went off to Mt. Dora today. I opted out, so my assignment is to pick up Babycakes from school this afternoon (she is doing annual achievement testing, so couldn’t ditch). None of the visitors had ever seen Mt. Dora, or Honey and Daughter’s store, and I hope they are having fun.

4. We are going to treat them all to Disney Thursday. The cousins have never been, and I think they’ll be delighted. Weather is supposed to cooperate.

5. They live on Cape Cod, so we’ll see them a lot this summer. Their house used to belong to my Honey’s mother and father.

6. I will be leaving to fly to Peoria on the 29th to visit my older brother, and attend a party for his daughter who is retiring from the military. I hope Bro and I get to visit my brother in Chicago who is blind from diabetes. Other sibs as well.

7. Then we are off to Cape Cod May 17-21 to get the house ready for summer. Always a few things to do, and I will feed the garden for the first time since last fall.

8. Soon after getting back to Florida, I’ll motor off to Illinois for a longer visit with big brother. We share interests in music and photography, and always have a nice visit. My sister lives in Knoxville, TN, and I hope to visit her on the way.

9. After I was divorced (1976), I led a stupid bachelor existence until I met my Honey (1993). Most of the time I was just plain lonely, and, for reasons I can’t recall, distanced myself from my family. Now, I am as happy as I’ve ever been, and can’t get enough of family.

10. Not to wax too sentimental, I tell my Honey all the time that I’m the luckiest man on Earth. I love my three girls beyond what I can say in words, and have no greater pleasure than their company. I wish everyone the same happiness.


3 responses to “Ten Things Tuesday

  • Mrs. Chili

    Telling the ones we love is vitally important, I think. Showing is important, too, sure, but nothing beats an “I love you” out of the blue.

    Sigh. I wish we were there. I’m looking forward to seeing you when you’re on the Cape, even if it’s only for an afternoon…

  • Laurie B

    I love that you love the way that you do. You are able to say it and live it like you mean it. Nothing less would do. There are barriers and there are standards, Knowing the difference is important.

    So happy that you and Honey and New and Blue Moon are sharing with other family what a tentative greeting may turn out to be.

    It’s not always easy or pretty but it is some damned fine work.

    Kudos to you and Honey and all the gang for trying hard to connect in any number of ways.

  • debra

    Lovely post, Gerry. Life presents us with so many gifts and sometimes we actually choose to receive them!
    I am off to take my 88 yr old father-in-law to his post heart attack cardiologist visit this morning. This is the gift of life.

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