Busy Week of Fun

Universal Islands of Adventure.

Having guests with kids is great. Lots of family fun. Is it tiring? Yup.

Yesterday we had lunch at White Wolf Cafe. Food good. Service good. Noise level: Bedlam. I couldn’t wait to leave. I seem to have a sort of chronic stuffiness in my head, and that might be a factor in how hard it is for me to take noisy places (like the inside of the car with three little ones!).

We planned to go to the Science Center for yesterday’s entertainment, but it turns out it is closed on Wednesdays. What?????????

Revised plan took us to Downtown Disney. Kids played with the Legos, and we toured T-Rex. I bought the kids build-a-dinosaurs.

Back home to Daughter’s. A college friend of Honey’s son (they were both swimmers at the U. of Florida) joined us with his two little ones. Much jollity. He’s a single dad, and has been for years. I was glad to get home, and relax a bit.

Today, as planned, Disney World Magic Kingdom. The two little ones (boy and girl) here from the Cape have never been. I hope they are delighted. I expect to be sun and fun weary later.

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