Evils of Photography: Part III

Winnie Palmer Hospital, Orlando.

I took the above picture of the “Winnie” a couple or so years ago. I suppose it was just chance, but no security folks tried to run me off. I still like it.

Today, I went there to take pix in a different condition of light, and with my wider-angle lens. I had snapped a few when a guy in a security guard came by and said the hospital didn’t allow photos except for official purposes (whatever that is). He was reasonably cheerful and polite for a person (on orders, I’m sure) interfering with my Constitutional rights. I said I wasn’t going to argue, but that I was standing on a public street, looking at a highly visible structure that could be easily seen from a distance (you can see it from Interstate 4). He reiterated the hospital’s position, and I wandered away.

I actually thought about telling this guy that I was within my rights, that the hospital didn’t have anything to say about whether I took pictures, and that if he’d care to summon the police, I’d be happy to wait. I wanted to add that I was a lawyer, licensed in Florida, and would be happy to pit my legal ability and knowledge against whatever law firm the hospital used. I wanted to add that since the Arnold Palmer Foundation actually ran/owned the place that perhaps Mr. Palmer, who presents his smiling face to the public, would like to get involved in a petty dispute over the hospital’s unenforceable policy.

But I didn’t. Maybe I’m a sheep. Actually, another picture of their building isn’t going to change my life. I wonder why Mr. Palmer invested in such an architecturally interesting building (something rare in Orlando-land), if he didn’t want people looking and snapping pix.

Oh, well.

Here’s another image, taken today.


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