Wasting Money

Ermenegildo Zegna, City Centre, Las Vegas.

Back when I was lawyering, I liked to buy snazzy suits. Not custom made, but still snappy and expensive. Mostly that meant Ur-men-eh-zhildo Zin-ya and Brioni. I bought really expensive ties, too, although the brand name escapes me at the moment. I’m reasonably sure I didn’t garner more clients, win more trials, or get more lovin’ because of my clothing, ditto my Porsche cars. I bring this up for no particular reason, other than the thought that if I’d invested that money I’d be in fat city now. Seeing this store in Vegas got me to thinking about it. Oh, things we waste money on.

Now I consider neckties to be just a symbol of servitude. Really, who would wear one if somebody else didn’t expect them to?

P.S. I remembered. The ties I preferred were by Maurizio Baldassari.


One response to “Wasting Money

  • mark

    Preachin to the choir my friend, I always felt like I was being strangled. Though there is nothing quite like a porch motor, now is there? Wow I love mine even if it sits in the back of my 1978 VW bus. Air cooled and green with ergonomic intent. I just pulled it out of storage after 9 years, she started right up, she only has 19,500.miles on her. Summer fun my friend, summer fun. How is it you get around so many places G.R.?

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