Off to Illinois

City Center, Las Vegas.

Today I’m flying to Illinois. The reason is to attend my niece Nikki’s retirement party. She has spent 25 years in the Army. Of course, this also presents opportunity to see other family.

The party is Friday night. Saturday my Big Brother and I will drive to Chicago to perhaps get some photography done (my first photo foray to the Windy City), to see another brother, and go to a concert in a small venue to see Peter Bradly Adams (he was in the duo Eastmountainsouth for their one incredible album, and has done 3 solo albums). A number of his songs have been in TV shows and movies. Here’s one of my favorites of his songs, “Chant”:

A favorite from Eastmountainsouth, “So Are You To Me”:

“So Are You To Me” has been used is several televsion shows, including “Gray’s Anatomy,” “General Hospital,” “Alias,” and, here, in “One Tree Hill”:

This song may very well join the pantheon of popular wedding songs.

I don’t know if I’ll post from the road. Back home to my girls Monday.


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