Monday Musing

House in the High Wine Historic District, Peoria, Illinois.

Today I need to continue my incremental work on the yard. It still looks pretty bad because of all the frost-damaged shrubs we removed. I transplanted three dwarf bottlebrush from their rather hidden positions in the yard to a better spot (and one of them looks like it is really mad about it!). I’m still thinking azaleas for the other emptyish spots. I’ll need help with that. Since so many yards took a hit, those who help put them back in order are pretty busy. Some nurseries are out of some plants, and even short on sod in some cases. I think this morning I’m going to rake the rocks/gravel we use for mulch out of the way of new plantings, to make it easier to dig holes for any new arrivals. It’s hot, and I expect to sweat gallons in this enterprise. I’m going to have to buy more gravel as well. Unlike organic mulch, it doesn’t just rot away and disappear, but it does, over time, sink into the ground. Not all the rocks sink, of course, but patches of it look sparse and I don’t want that.


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