On the Road

Sculpture just outside Underground Atlanta.

I drove from Florida to Illinois over the Memorial Day weekend. I stopped for an hour or so in downtown Atlanta and took a few pictures, including the one above.

I listened to Public Radio International a good bit as I drove north, and there were several shows on concerning Memorial Day. I am a veteran myself, and found it touching. Two of the stories were about POWs. One was a former resident of the Hanoi Hilton, and the other had been on the Bataan Death March. Both men, at the end of the segments, said that to heal and go on, they walked away from their respective cruel captors without hate. They forgave. I have, more than once, ranted in my blog about the meaningless of the word “forgive.” I think I’ll retreat from that. Forgiveness now seems to me to be a process for getting unhealthy thoughts/emotions out of one’s own system. A tool for healing not the one or ones forgiven, but for healing the one doing the forgiving.

I’m now safely with my brother, and very content here until I push on to Cape Cod.


2 responses to “On the Road

  • Mrs. Chili

    Forgiveness is a concept with which I continue to struggle, as I think all feeling people do. The balance between moving away from those negative thoughts and emotions while at the same time acknowledging and remembering them to the degree that one doesn’t submit oneself to the hurt again is a tricky one to manage, and it’s a line I walk a lot more often – and with a lot more situations – than I care to admit.

  • sartenada

    I admire how You are seeing the world. It is jut my way and I love it.

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