Catch Up Post

Old Railroad Cars, Illinois Railroad Museum, Union, Illinois.

Now that I’m ensconced at our Cape Cod place with my honey, here’s a quick rundown of the last few weeks.

I spent a wonderful couple of weeks with my big brother. We get along so well. We have photography and music in common, not to mention our family bond and shared history. I’m going to embarrass him if he happens to read this (he doesn’t read my blog so much. I love him.

We did the usual stuff, saw a bit of music, ate, played lots of movies at home, ate, shot the breeze, ate, shared wine. We interacted with some of his friends, who all know me by now. We took a trip upstate to the Illinois Railroad Museum, where we shot a lot of pictures, then over to Chicago to see Shawn Colvin in concert at the Old Town School of Folk Music. Nice little intimate theater venue. He’ll come to Cape Cod later in the summer to continue our adventures.

I drove to Cape Cod with two overnight stops (used to do just one). Stopped in Peninsula, Ohio to see Debra and her husband Steve at their Elements gallery, had a nice chat.Very nice folks, nice visit. They are right in the middle of Cuyahoga River National Park. Very pretty area. I took to the local small roads for a while, then off to Route 90 and the trip to the Cape.

I took a fair number of pics while driving here, but haven’t processed them yet (and I don’t know if I have all my usual tools here to do it). I’ll post some later.

Got here the same day as my Honey, just a bit later. We met up at her son’s house in Pocassett. They brought me pizza. The Town of Falmouth has an e. coli problem in the water, and we’ve been under a boil water order since we got here. Fortunately, Pocassett is in Bourne, so we have been able to “borrow” some water, and we took some showers there. We have since decided to risk showering here at home. We keep our mouths shut!

We have lots to do. More later.


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