The Road: End of the Commons

Horse and Buggy Sculpture, Mesopotamia, Ohio.

After I visited with Debra and her husband in Peninsula, OH, I drove the back roads to join I-90 well east of Cleveland. Completely by chance I drove through the hamlet of Mesopotamia in Amish country. The crossroads had this sculpture just across the road from a store called “End of the Commons.” The sign by the sculpture reads:

Mesopotamia, Ohio. First Amish Settlers to Mesopotamia, Ohio. The Yost family moved to Mesopotamia in 1903. Early Amish Settlers were drawn to Mesopotamia for dairy farming, maple syrup production, barn building, cheese making and affordable land. Today, there are over 100 Amish church districts consisting of over 2,000 families.

Artist: Chris Mcconnell
Lumber: 2300 board feet
Screws: 30 lbs.
Horse: 29.25 hands tall
Wheel Size: 7 foot tall

End of the Commons General Store

The Store:

The filling station:


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