Trolley, Illinois Railroad Museum, Union, Illinois.

I may have already mentioned that I spent a great afternoon walking around the Railroad Museum with my big brother. We took lots of pictures, and saw some awesome machines. I paid little attention to detail, but was impressed with an old steam locomotive which weighed 975,000 pounds. Wouldn’t want to be stuck on the crossing when that sucker came by. Other than the museum, I barely caught a glimpse of Union.

I’ve been pretty silent on the “Big Issues” of late. Here’s my brief offering:

The more I see of what’s reported on how our, and other nations, are run, the more I think that the underlying principle of all forms of government, whatever cute name they have for it (democracy, kingdom, communism, socializm, nazism, dictatorship, etc.) is dishonesty. Outright lying. It’s infectious, and permeates all journalism, education, entertainment, and social interaction. It cuts across party lines, racial lines, gender lines, and railroad lines. It is the lingua franca of human culture and society.

2 responses to “Lying.

  • Mrs. Chili

    I don’t like being lied to; it assumes that I’m either not smart or not mature enough to handle the truth. A very large part of me thinks that, if we could get to the truth, we’d be able to rise to it and fix the problems that so vex us. Booker T. Washington said something to the effect of nothing has a greater impact on a man than letting him know you trust him with responsibility. Clearly, we’re not being trusted by the people whom we entrust to run our civic affairs.

  • gerryrosser

    To the powerful, we, the people, are “the mob.” They trust us not at all, and care not at all if we trust them.

    Most information which is “classified” is nothing more than something which will embarrass the powerful and their droogs, having nothing to do with that trump card beloved of the high-and-mighty “national security.”

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