Thursday Thoughts

Pretty Victorian, Ashland, New York.

We’ve been watching “America’s Got Talent.” This is rather a bizarre show which takes up plenty of air time, but spends very little time showing performances. Perversely, they seem to spend a good portion of what little time they dedicate to showing performances to the real untalented contenders. Even more perversely, they pass a fair number of these talentless folks up the line, and, indeed, to the final phase (in Los Angeles)–and send some of the more entertaining folks home in tears.  Of course, as I often say about “Art,” “Talent” is whatever one perceives it to be. Sigh.

I’m going to be taking photographs at a wedding on July 31. I am anything but a wedding photographer, but I actually did do some photography at a wedding long ago. Anyway, I hope I get some images which the happy couple will enjoy. These are friends, and I’d hate to disappoint them.

Anyway, I hope I don’t end up like this wedding photographer:


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