Summer Doings

Corn Dogs, Barnstable County Fair, Cape Cod.

We (the Chilis and I) are perched in the house with a rip-roaring thunderstorm raging outside. My clan went to Plimoth Plantation and I can only imagine how that trip is turning out in this weather. Seems like every time I opt out of one of my family’s ventures, they encounter weather (fog a few weeks ago going to Cuttyhunk, wrath-of-heaven thunderstorm today). They are going to Boston tomorrow without me (I think I just need to rest up), probably be a plague of locusts or something.

It’s been a grand visit, lots of doings, and I’m a bit weary. Been nursing a half-baked cold or something for what seems like forever. The lingering part of it is an extremely annoying cough.

I’m glad the Chili clan will be back about Labor Day, and I’ll get to see them twice in the interim, so I’m happy. Out of our flood of guests this summer, they are the only ones on my ledger (although I really like everyone who has been here).

I’ll post two of my Barnstable County Fair winning photos separately. The third was a picture of Babycakes, which I won’t post on this blog).


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