Ten Things Tuesday

The Zipper ride, Barnstable County Fair, Cape Cod.*

I’m following mrschili for this edition of Ten Things Tuesday. The gist of it is to go to your iPod, hit shuffle, and list the first 10 songs which come up. No cheating to look more hip, intellectual, or otherwise. Here goes:

1. Sigur Ros — a tune I only have identified as Track 8, if I figure out more, I’ll edit this. Sigur Ros is somewhat of an acquired taste.

2. Prelude — After the Gold Rush. This is a female a capella rendition of the great Neil Young tune.

3. Sigur Ros — Gong.

4. Ashley Chambliss — Seasons. This is a singer-songwriter I really like. This song is a beauty.

5. David Berkely — Fire Sign. Another singer-songwriter I like.

6. Eva Cassidy — I Know You By Heart. This wonderful singer died much too young.

7. Eastmountainsouth — All The Stars. This was a one-album pairing of Peter Bradley Adams and a female singer whose name escapes me. He has mad more albums of wonderful music.

8. The Boomtown Rats — I Don’t Like Mondays. Bob Geldof was a member of this band, and I couldn’t tell you one other song they did. Geldof became famous for being involved the Hunger Project or some such.

9. Joshua James — Crash This Train. Another S/S I like.

10. Kate Voegele — It’s Only Life. Yet another S/S. I recall vaguely, and probably incorrectly, that she is on One Tree Hill.

* The photo is three exposures taken while the ride was in motion. Another example of the HDR process I’ve discussed in the past.

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