Thursday: a Farewell and Random Stuff

Barnstable County Fair, Falmouth, Cape Cod, Massachussets, USA.

Just some randomness:

1. One of Daughter’s (Blue Moon) most supportive and wonderful friends, who I will dub “La Booch” in this blog, has been staying with us on Cape Cod for several weeks. She is leaving today, and hearts are heavy. She has become part of our extended family. She lives not too far from us in Florida, and we won’t be parted long (and she’s coming back to Cape Cod for a quick visit later on sometime this season). I will miss her.

2. Another friend will be coming in today (Blue Moon will pick her and her two kids up while in Providence dropping off La Booch). I am not as familiar with these folks, but I have met them and they are welcome. One of the kids is a classmate of NewMoon (aka Babycakes).

3. Yesterday, the “girls” drove to Chatham for sightseeing/shopping. La Booch had never been there. They enjoyed the day, and had a nice luncheon at the famous Chatham Bars Inn (and could see seals from their table). I am fond of the chowder there. Years ago my Honey and I were in Chatham, on a rainy, chilly day. We stopped in Chatham Bars and had chowder, and in my memory it was one of the finest chowders ever. The ladies reported to me that it is still a fine brew.

Rating chowder is a pastime with us, as it doubtless is with many New Englanders. They even have contests here and there, and restaurants proudly display signs if they’ve done well. My Honey favors the chowder at the Quarterdeck in Falmouth (and at its sister/brother restaurant in Pocasset–or is that Cataumet–the Chart Room). I agree that it’s a fine soup, but still have fondness for the chowder at Chatham Bars Inn, and at a joint on Nantucket called The Brotherhood of Thieves. We tried to make chowder once, and it was a dismal failure.

4. Blue Moon and La Booch faithfully watch “The Bachelorette,” and it’s alternate “The Bachelor.” They make no bones about the show(s) being a “train wreck,” but continue to tune in. They have sucked me into watching it with them this summer, and we watch and kibitiz with great glee. La Booch and I have taken to counting how many times the all purpose word “like” is uttered by the contestants when they speak (and it’s a lot). Well, one of the men on the show is a fellow from Cape Cod, who, due to his footwear, I have dubbed “sneakers,” or just “sneaks.” He is now one of the final two candidates for the hand of the bachelorette.

Anyway (anyways), the ladies have sussed out where Sneaks lives, and yesterday they took a side trip coming back from Chatham to go by the location of his family home. They were all aflutter when they got home and related to me that they’d actually seen Sneaks walking along the street with his dad. They were so excited by this vision that neither of them snapped a phone picture.

5. We have also been following “America’s Got Talent” this summer. The amazing thing is that some of the contestants do have talent and have managed to get to the last rounds. Strangely, with 48 contestants left, the ensuing round was the “quarterfinals.” This group is in the process of being reduced to the “Sweet Sixteen” who will be headed to the semifinals. I am bemused by the math. (Shouldn’t quarterfinals reduce contestants to four and semifinals to two)?

6. We ate out last night at a new (to us) Falmouth restaurant called “The Glass Onion.” It was really nice. Service was good, food was really tasty, ambience was nice (yeah, I know, you can’t eat atmosphere).

7. We have occupied Babycakes with various activities this summer. She went to music camp for a week, and is now at sailing camp.


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