Off to an Adventure in Photography

Humpback Whale, Stellwagon Bank, off Cape Cod. Photo Credit: BlueMoon

Shortly I’ll be driving off to the northern Coast of Massachusetts to meet up with auntie and her sister mrschili (and mrchili). Auntie is getting married tomorrow morning, and I’m the photographer. Hope I take an acceptable batch of photos for her and her intended. I’m not an experienced event photographer, and, in fact, take very few photos of actual humans (except, of course, for Babycakes). We’ll meet up today for lunch, and visit the venue. I’ll spend the night in Quaint Coastal City, do the wedding, and later tomorrow back to Cape Cod.

Last week the clan, and a few visitors, went to P’town for another whale watch. I was feeling punk, as I have all summer, and skipped it. Of course, they had a great day, and the whales were frisky and provided great photo ops. The above is just one example of the shots BlueMoon (a/k/a Daughter) was able to get with her compact digital camera. Sigh.

As for me, I’ve been coughing for weeks, stuffy in the head, gooey in the throat, and generally miserable. Achy all over started a few days ago. I am not one for throwing antibiotics at viral ailments, but finally called a doctor of our acquaintance who was kind enough to phone in a prescription. I’m hoping for rapid improvement, but, then, everyone who is ill hopes for rapid improvement.

Here’s another whale:

Photo credit: BlueMoon.


3 responses to “Off to an Adventure in Photography

  • Auntie

    Awe man! I didn’t know you were sick. I got just the thing for you!

    There is no connection between the photos of the whales and you taking pictures of me, is there? It’s just not nice to call the bride a whale.

  • nhfalcon

    You know, I’ve read an article in local papers saying this year has been particularly good for whale watching.

    Naturally, as much as we’d like to take Little Man on one, we’re afraid he’d have one of the freak-out episodes that have been plauging him lately half-an-hour into the two-hour ride, and that just wouldn’t end well for anyone.

    After all, we can leave a movie theater – we can’t leave the boat once it’s left the dock.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  • Mrs. Chili

    I can’t wait to see you!!!

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