Along Cranberry Highway

Wooden Jeep, Per

Perry’s Ice Cream, along Cranberry Highway, Wareham/Onset, Massachusetts.

Before the expressway to Cape Cod was built, traffic had to inch along Rte. 6, which was known as the Cranberry Highway, past all the honky tonks, seafood joints, and such. My Honey has fond(ish) memories of taking that trip from when she was a little girl. Many of the joints are closed now, business having dried up when the new highway was built. I don’t know how long this particular sight was there. Before the Cape Cod Canal was built, the little towns like Wareham, Onset, Buzzards Bay, etc., were considered part of the Cape (and some still see it that way). There is actually a “Gateway to Cape Cod” in  Wareham.

We’ve packed everything that can go flying into the house/garage/basement. We have food, water, batteries, candles, and, of course, each other. Earl is coming this way, but appears that it will not be full force in our neighborhood–although that could change. We have experienced a lot of hurricanes over the years, fortunately without major property damage–and never an injury. We expect rain and blustery conditions, and that’s about it. It’s okay, we can do without the drama. We are listening to the TV, and some folks actually are disappointed that the storm has weakened–as if it is something staged for their entertainment. Maybe they could think a bit about the folks who might lose their houses or their lives instead of the “spectacle.” Sheesh!

Hoping the power doesn’t go, we do enjoy our air conditioning!


3 responses to “Along Cranberry Highway

  • Mrs. Chili

    We are all profoundly disappointed that we couldn’t come. We haven’t 100% decided to stay away this weekend – if it turns out you just get some rain, we’ll call and see if you’ll still take us tomorrow – but it’s looking more like next weekend…

  • Auntie

    I prepped the yard even though we will probably get nothing here. Better to be safe than find the trash barrel in the neighbors rose bush.

    Keep us posted on how you are doing.

  • sartenada

    The first photo is awesome. I like it very, very much. I have also in my About page a photo from the wooden car with me.

    You got great photos.

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