Got Milk?

Salvador’s Ice Cream, Padanaram, Massachusetts.

Continuing with the roadside curiosity theme. If I’ve got my facts straight, there were three milk-bottle structures in Massachusetts, and this one was originally somewhere else. The town name comes from the Bible, where a cat named Laban lived in Padan-Aram. A prominent local citizen, Laban Thatcher, decided that should be the name of the town, which was originally Ponagansett.


2 responses to “Got Milk?

  • Mrs. Chili

    Oh. MY. GOD. I made the mistake (the very serious mistake, it turned out) of trying to buy milk yesterday. Even up here in the hinterlands, where Earl was forecast to be nothing but rain, the panic ensued and the grocery stores looked like they do before a blizzard. Seriously.

    I’ve got to say that I’m sorry you deleted the other blog. I miss not being able to go back in your archives. Oh, well; forward we go!

  • sartenada

    This photo I love. It is presenting something different I have been used to.

    Thank You.

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