Guest Photographer

Leucospermum cordifolium (pincushion). Photograph by Don Rosser.

In case anyone wondered who my photography mentor is.


5 responses to “Guest Photographer

  • Laurie B

    wow! Stunning photo, great teacher and great student I’d guess. You’ve not done so bad for yourself either. You are now a muse of sorts.

    I might have asked before (or you have said), what camera and lenses do you prefer?

    I’ll never be technical shooter but I’m in New Zealand for crying out loud. Here you can close your eyes and spin three times and take a decent photo. My current favorite sign is the “Car wash and dog wash, service with a smile” self serve car wash bays. I’m not sure that the dogs are happy about that.

    I have nikon stuff and tend to stay with the lens that is on the body at the time but will change if time allows.

    • gerryrosser

      Good pictures are made with the eye and brain. Of course, camera equipment up to the job of executing the photograph help! I use Canon stuff, based mostly upon that’s what my big brother does, and it helps us work together, and helps him teach me important stuff (not to mention I can borrow his great lenses!).

  • O'Mama

    That photo is magnificent. Yours ain’t so shabby either!

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