Illinois & Michigan Canal

Illinois & Michigan Canal, looking east towards Aux Sable aquaduct; Aux Sable Creek runs left to right below the narrowed part of the canal in the middle. There is a person there, apparently looking down at the creek.

Lock 8, Illinois and Michigan Canal. Aux Sable aqueduct in the distance.


3 responses to “Illinois & Michigan Canal

  • Mrs. Chili

    The mirror of the water in the first picture is stunning.

  • nhfalcon

    Took the words right outta my mouth, Mrs. C.

  • Laurie B

    Great photo of the abundance of power and the way of water. At the end of the day, water will win.

    Paul Simon wrote some interesting poetry and probably all very playable on guitar ( I wouldn’t know). Was it that he’d rather be a boulder (or a forest?) than the stream? Streams here are something else. Bridges built 1 mile long to cover a stream in flood stage. Streams on the backpacker hikes, don’t cross them or bivvy up until passable. Streams can kill you in a heartbeat.

    Can’t tell you how refreshing life here can be. Be prepared or die. It’s like that.

    There was a concert this weekend here, Debra Harry of Blondie fame, she’s 65 now, and Chrissie Hinds of the Pretenders as a double bill. Sold out. go figure. I look for local folk music everywhere go and I find recycled USA music.

    By all accounts, it was a great concert.

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