A Whole New Year

This is a photo I took a while back one foggy morning. It’s the Wekiva River (which flows north into the St. Johns River, which also flows north). I’m posting it again today as I revive this blog, just because I like it.


3 responses to “A Whole New Year

  • Mrs. Chili

    I was hoping you’d come back around to writing. Don’t get me wrong – I love your pictures – I just miss your voice, as well.

    I watched the State of the Union address carefully (as I’d assigned it to my seniors as an exercise in discerning the structure of speeches, and to give them an opportunity to practice their fledgling critique skills), and I have to tell you that I was a little under-impressed. I wasn’t as upset as some of my more progressive brethren, but I don’t think that Obama’s going to get much done unless he leans a little harder on the people with whom he’s trying to strike compromise; they’re not interested in playing with him, and he needs to recognize that HE’S the one with the ball…

  • nhfalcon

    Beautiful picture, as usual, Gerry.

  • donna

    Hi gerry!I haven’t been blogging as much either — having too much fun with twitter, facebook and tumblr…

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