Hogwarts Express

At the World of Harry Potter exhibit at Universal Orlando.

Universal was not all that crowded the day I shot this, except for the Harry Potter part, where one could barely move. I patiently waited until there were no people in my way for this scene. We (my Honey, and my brother, whose generally used handle is “Poncho”) didn’t ride the virtual ride, it was just too crowded. We did try butter beer, which was a sweetish glop that we had to wait in line for. Glop, yes, but I actually liked it.

Took bro’ to the airport yesterday. He has become such a big part of my life these last years, which is great but I think of the “lost years.” Oh, well, no going back.



One response to “Hogwarts Express

  • Mrs. Chili

    We’ve heard HP was crazy-crowded, but we want to go, anyway. I can’t wait to see you! 10 more days till we get on the train!!

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