Honeydukes at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Universal Orlando.

So we went to Universal with the Chili clan. We got to the park about 8:00AM or so, as it opened an hour early. By the time we got to the Harry Potter section it was already a two hour wait for the ride in Hogwarts. So we got in line. Then the ride decided not to work. Hmmm. We wandered around a bit, including visiting the candy store and a couple other things. When we wandered out of Potter, their was a line just to get in. If you’ve been to Universal, you know about how insane this is. A line to wait in to get in other lines to wait in, the main one of which was not going anywhere at all. We did other Universal stuff, of course, and eventually, after lunch at Margaritaville, left Islands of Adventure to go to the original park, which I think is Universal Studios, where Mr. Chili and Bluemoon rode the scary new coaster. The rest of us did the E.T. ride, then rejoined the daring coaster riders for Men In Black. Dinner at Cheesecake Factory ended the outing (well, a bit of a traffic backup on I-4 after dinner really did it).

Have I ever mentioned that the Chilis are some of the dearest people to us in the whole wide wicked world?

Another shot from Honeydukes:


2 responses to “Honeydukes

  • Mrs. Chili

    I love how we can look at the same things, but you see them so much more vividly than I. I love it when you post pictures of things that I was standing right next to you when you took the shot, so I can see them the way you do.

    The absolute best part of this vacation is being with you. Two words for you, my love; chosen family.

  • mark

    No matter how I feel, you always find a way of making me feel better. “Thanks” can’t quite cover my gratitude. I am so slow to pick up on the wonders of all this technology. After a year of blogging, I put my first picture up. It is not the best picture I have taken but, it is something I too love. I am going to try to do more photos on my blog. Come take a look when you have a moment.


    I am Grateful, Mark

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