2 responses to “Duck

  • Mrs. Chili


    I think you should post that misty picture of the empty lifeguard towers; that was beautiful.

    Oh, and also? I miss you.

  • Laurie B

    Reading (actually sharing) a new book, “Death by Rubber Duck”. I’ve not yet had my share of the read but presume that the science of killing ourselves slowly is in the forefront. It might be part of BEW’s course on Pesticides, Public Policy and the Environment. Have you read anything by Mary Roach? Great fun and generally well researched. I’ve read “Stiff” and am I’m enjoying Roach’s “Packing for Mars”. We have “Bonked” in the pile of books. My first encounter with her writing was “Stiff”. Having had a best friends Mom donate her body to science…well, it’s worth a read. Much better than Evanovich, not as exciting as Lee Child, just better all around.

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