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Korean BBQ Taco Box

Sunday night we ate at the Food Truck Bazaar in Quaint Little Cracker Town by the Lake. ( ┬áVarious vendors, some of them with brick-and-mortar restaurants, have trucks rigged up for fixing and dispensing food. They set up in various local venues on some sort of schedule which I think appears on their website. It was our first visit. Actually some pretty tasty stuff. I ate pulled pork and collards. I can’t stop chuckling over the “multi-cultural” name of the truck pictured above. Diversity run amok? Pictured below is the truck of “Beard Papa’s,” a joint which does have a store near us, and appears to be attempting to survive with cream puffs as their pre-eminent offering. We’ll see.



I saw this sign on my way home from the dentist. I find it reassuring that I can get a whole pig from Publix any time of year. Well, actually, I just found the sign odd, never having seen a supermarket with such a sign. Moreover, I wonder who their target demographic is for these whole hogs. I live in what for many decades was (is?) a Florida Cracker county. Now, it’s pretty much an Orlando exurb, or bedroom community. The supermarket in question is smack dab in the middle of one of the highest earned-income demographic areas in Florida (note I didn’t mention unearned income, I think Palm Beach, Boca Raton, and Naples might win in that category). Do the nouveau-riche (well, nouveau-prosperous) buy a lot of whole hogs? Have I missed a trend by not reading “Bon Apetit?”

And, sadly, no, I don’t have anything better to write about at the moment