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Mr. Santorum: If Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.



Chatham, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Phriday Photo

New Bedford, Massachusetts.

Off to Another Adventure

SunTrust Atlanta.

Not much time for blogging this week. Busy processing photos from last week’s wedding.

Tomorrow we are off to New Hampshire and Lake Winnapasaukee (or however the heck you spell it). We’ll stay a couple of nights, get time with the chili clan, and see Vertical Horizon play a show (GooGoo Dolls, too, I think).

Apparently, a lot of folks are getting arrested for taking video of cops going about their business. Apparently, some prosecutors are actually proceeding with prosecution. They are hanging their hats on wiretapping laws for goodness’ sake! Well, it ain’t illegal. One wonders why all the news reporters don’t get arrested. Is that next?


Trolley, Illinois Railroad Museum, Union, Illinois.

I may have already mentioned that I spent a great afternoon walking around the Railroad Museum with my big brother. We took lots of pictures, and saw some awesome machines. I paid little attention to detail, but was impressed with an old steam locomotive which weighed 975,000 pounds. Wouldn’t want to be stuck on the crossing when that sucker came by. Other than the museum, I barely caught a glimpse of Union.

I’ve been pretty silent on the “Big Issues” of late. Here’s my brief offering:

The more I see of what’s reported on how our, and other nations, are run, the more I think that the underlying principle of all forms of government, whatever cute name they have for it (democracy, kingdom, communism, socializm, nazism, dictatorship, etc.) is dishonesty. Outright lying. It’s infectious, and permeates all journalism, education, entertainment, and social interaction. It cuts across party lines, racial lines, gender lines, and railroad lines. It is the lingua franca of human culture and society.

Another Monday

City Center, Las Vegas.

City Center, Las Vegas.

Evils of Photography: Part III

Winnie Palmer Hospital, Orlando.

I took the above picture of the “Winnie” a couple or so years ago. I suppose it was just chance, but no security folks tried to run me off. I still like it.

Today, I went there to take pix in a different condition of light, and with my wider-angle lens. I had snapped a few when a guy in a security guard came by and said the hospital didn’t allow photos except for official purposes (whatever that is). He was reasonably cheerful and polite for a person (on orders, I’m sure) interfering with my Constitutional rights. I said I wasn’t going to argue, but that I was standing on a public street, looking at a highly visible structure that could be easily seen from a distance (you can see it from Interstate 4). He reiterated the hospital’s position, and I wandered away.

I actually thought about telling this guy that I was within my rights, that the hospital didn’t have anything to say about whether I took pictures, and that if he’d care to summon the police, I’d be happy to wait. I wanted to add that I was a lawyer, licensed in Florida, and would be happy to pit my legal ability and knowledge against whatever law firm the hospital used. I wanted to add that since the Arnold Palmer Foundation actually ran/owned the place that perhaps Mr. Palmer, who presents his smiling face to the public, would like to get involved in a petty dispute over the hospital’s unenforceable policy.

But I didn’t. Maybe I’m a sheep. Actually, another picture of their building isn’t going to change my life. I wonder why Mr. Palmer invested in such an architecturally interesting building (something rare in Orlando-land), if he didn’t want people looking and snapping pix.

Oh, well.

Here’s another image, taken today.